What is Health Insurance for Foreigners?

Health insurance for foreigners is an insurance that foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit in our country and who apply for a residence permit are obliged to have it and the contract framework is determined within the scope of the “circular on private health insurances to be taken out in residence permit requests” numbered 9/2014 and that covers the health expenses of foreign nationals as a result of illness and accident during the insurance period.

What is the purpose of health insurance for foreigners?

According to the Law No. 6458 of 2013 on Foreigners and International Protection, it is obligatory to have at least 1 year health insurance for foreigners when applying for a residence permit. Therefore, those who want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey are obliged to have a health insurance for foreigners. In addition, foreign nationals who apply for a work permit in our country are also required to have foreign health insurance.

Is health insurance for foreigners compulsory for foreign students?

Yes. Foreign students who will study in our country are obliged to take out health insurance for foreigners, which is renewed every year during the school period.

Is health insurance for foreigners compulsory for foreigners who come to Turkey for short-term business travel or vacation?

If people will not be settled in Turkey, there is no obligation to have a health insurance for foreigners. However, for short-term Turkey visits, it is useful to take out travel health insurance.

What is the coverage of health insurance for foreigners?

Within the period of validity of the insurance, the general coverage of the insured and the minimum coverage generally stated for private health insurances are covered;

Private health institution treatment and diagnosis expenses in case of illness or accident

Hospital expenses incurred during the hospital stay

Home care costs, where necessary

In outpatient cases, doctor, medication, diagnostic tests and physical therapy costs if necessary

Surgical hospitalization expenses

Intensive care expenses




Coronary angiography expenses

Private single room and hospital attendant expenses

Doctor examination expenses

Prescription drug and medical supplies expenses

Laboratory expenses

Endoscopy applications


MR and radiographic screenings

Other treatment costs (plaster, dressing, serum, etc.)

For detailed information, you can contact Bifiyatla.


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